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​The licensed therapists at Moving Forward Together Therapy and Consultation are compassionate, experienced clinicians that provide individual, couple/marital, and family therapy for a wide range of concerns, including but not limited to: 


  • Marital strife

  • Grief and Loss

  • Emotional distress

  • Gender identity

  • Communication struggles

  • Childhood trauma

  • Racial or ethnic struggles

  • Other difficulties, struggles, issues, or concerns

  • Couple intimacy

  • Self-esteem

  • Parent-child conflict

  • LGBTQ issues

  • Pre-marital counseling

  • Blended and stepfamilies

  • Religious or spiritual concerns

  • Divorce or separation


Individual therapy can help when you are wanting to learn more about yourself and how you can make changes to improve your relationships. Therapy is a great way to explore feelings such as depression and anxiety that may be impacting your life's happiness. In this work, we will work together to create a safe space where you can feel comfortable exploring and expressing yourself. 

Being a member of a family can be a blessing but it can also be the source of tension and emotional challenges. Family therapy focuses on your family interactions and dynamics. It can help improve communication and coping skills as well as help offer new insights and understandings that can benefit your family interactions. 


It is a beautiful thing to share your life with someone, however, relationships can be challenging. Often people believe that the person you are most intimate with should just know what you need. Therefore, in couple's therapy, we will work to create a safe space that will allow for authentic communication around the most sensitive aspects of your relationship.  In this work, you and your partner will engage in the work necessary to help you feel supported and connected in your relationship.

One of the most important steps after completing your academic training is finding a supervisor who provides emotional safety, encouragement, and support in a way that allows supervisees to continue growing in their therapeutic approach. Supervision with our practice relies on co-creating a safe, supportive, and validating space that allows for an honest person of the therapist exploration and continued clinical growth.

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